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nicolaparticula is new. Nicola is my partner and she used to work in Newport’s most fashionable clothes boutique, selling high-class shoes and fancy designer clothes to the most pristine of South Wales’ inhabitants. She has been looking to something to throw herself into for the next few years as I have a big change of careers about to take place and she is going to need fresh vitality to her daily life. Nicola decided she wanted to go back to working in fashion. We have toyed with selling on the internet in the past, dabbling on ebay and sourcing goods from abroad. Nicola decided she wanted to throw herself in at the deep end and sell some jewellery and possibly some clothes. She isn’t a tech expert so that side of the new business is down to me. I’ve been up late all night, excited after setting off our first selling listings on ebay, and I dreamt up the idea of nicolaparticula for the name of our ebay shop. Nicola, rudely awoken at 5am on a Sunday, has her own ideas about a business name but as I’m in charge of the tech side and have already purchased the domains, nicolaparticula is what she is now called… (lol) Our business will be sourcing quality goods from around the world, focussing on fashion and beauty and catering for both female and male. The blog will hopefully keep you updated with a few of our findings as our new business rolls on and we aim to gather a wide and satisfied, loyal customer base. You can visit the nicolaparticula shop and see what we have to offer at http://nicolaparticula.com